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Weingaertner Stromberg-Zabergäu - Shiga Trading

Weingärtner Stromberg-Zabergäu eG - Shiga-Trading makes trade fair appearances

Important trade fair appearances for Weingärtner [winery] Stromberg-Zabergäu eG are realized through Shiga-Trading. We presented this high quality wine at the “Anuga” in Cologne in November 2023.
And from April 10th - 12th, 2024 we will delight Japanese customers at the first-ever “Prowine” trade fair in Tokyo. We are represented with this wine in the German Pavilion in Hall 7 at Stand 7F-07E. Come and taste!

März 2024

Delivery of Latvian beer from Cēsu Alus to Japan

Cēsu Alus beer for Japan

A new European country has joined the countries from which products are supplied to Japan through Shiga-Trading's efforts: Latvia. First time Beer from the well-known Latvian brewery Cēsu Alus is now being delivered to Japan. Several varieties are available in Japanese stores.

November 2023

Ryo Shiga visiting the Deputy Mayor of Tomiya,

Economic contacts to Japan

In March, Ryo Shiga, Managing Director of Shiga-Trading, was a guest of Tomiya's Deputy Mayor, Mr. Inamura (pictured middle). Tomiya is a very popular residential area in the Tohoku region, located in Miyagi, Yamagata, Fukushima, Aomori, Akita and Iwate prefectures. The reason for the visit was the establishment of new trade relations with Europe and especially with Germany. Mr. Terada, Director of the Economic Department of Osaki City, also joined the conversation (pictured right).

April 2023

Ryo Shiga and the Finnish Deputy Minister of Agriculture
Ryo Shiga and the Finnish Ambassador to Japan

Successful Finnish exports to Japan

As part of Foodex 2023 in Tokyo, the Finnish Embassy in Japan celebrated the success of food exports from Finland to Japan. Shiga-Trading has played a large part in the success that Moomin water and Finnish beer are now also available in the Land of the Rising Sun. Therefore, Mr. Ryo Shiga invited to the reception on March 6, 2023, at the embassy. In the photos he is together with the Finnish Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Mrs. Jääskeläinen (above), and the Finnish Ambassador to Japan, Ms. Husu-Kallio (below).

März 2023

Beer from Finland for Japan - Shiga Trading

The year will starts with new products

Further deliveries of the products we brokered are on their way to Japan or have already arrived. The "Rodolfi" tomato products are at customs clearance and available in stores from January. "Moomin-Water" and beer, both from the same Finnish producer, are on the way and will be arriving soon. So the new year will be exciting again in terms of interesting foods.

Dezember 2022

Tomato products for Japan - Shiga Trading

Tomato products from Italy

Italian tomatoes and the products made from them are widespread in Europe. There is also great interest in Japan. The "Rodolfi" company from Ozzano Taro near Parma is one of the leading manufacturers. Thanks to Shiga-Trading, a larger order for these delicious products is expected from "Rodolfi" in July.

June 2022