Shiga Trading - Important former activities

Beer for Japan - Shiga Trading
28 Container Beer

Already 28 containers of Lithuanian beer have arrived in Japan. With Volfas Engelmann, Shiga-Trading was able to place the products of a traditional Lithuanian brand on the Japanese market. In particular, non-alcoholic beer and lager beer are offered.

June 2022

Wine for Japan - Shiga Trading
Increasing wine export to Japan

Despite the difficulties in overseas trade, thanks to the efforts of Shiga-Trading, a large quantity of wine can be exported from Germany to Japan in the first half of 2022. A total of 11 large 40-foot containers are on their way or have already arrived. This makes us the third largest wine exporter of German wine to Japan.

May 2022

Moonin water on the way - Shiga Trading
Bad news for Moomin fans in Japan

Due to technical problems, the containers with the bottles with the natural Moomin water labeled for Japan were delivered incorrectly. Instead of Finland to take the eastbound route towards Japan were shipped to westbound towards America. In the meantime the problem has been solved and the containers are really on their way.

March 2022

Merry Christmas - Shiga Trading
Merry Christmas and a happy new Year

The Shiga-Trading team wishes all customers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We hope that the corona pandemic will end in 2022 and finally return to normal trade relations.

December 2021

Moonin water by Shiga Trading
Moomin-Water for Japan

The water from the Suomenselänharju spring in Lehtimäki (Finnland), named after the famous Finnish trolls, the "Moomins", will soon also be available in Japan. The first 40-foot container of this natural product has been ordered. With the help of Moomin Water, you can take the purity of nature with you wherever your adventure leads! The water is naturally filtered and preserved by Finnish nature, which defines the perfectly balanced and fresh taste. The stories about the funny "Moomins" have long had a large fan base in Japan.
See the Homepage of the Moomin products

November 2021

Weingärtner Stromberg-Zabergäu by Shiga Trading
Cooperation with Japanese trading giant

The Weingärtner Stromberg-Zabergäu company is working with a trading company in Japan, which is the second largest food retailer in the world. "By selling directly to the wholesaler, we can sell large quantities at good margins," says Kost head of the 'Weingärtner', who is also chairman of the export advisory board at the German Wine Institute. He cites considerable figures: Around 4.5 percent of total sales come from "Weingärtner" from the export business, and about five percent of German wine exports to Japan come from the WG Stromberg-Zabergäu. Currently 80000 bottles of organic wine, thanks to the efforts of Shiga-Trading, are on their way to Japan in 6 containers, see the newspaper clippings below (German only).

July 2021

Wine by Shiga Trading
Wine export to Japan

About 3.4% of the wine exports from Germany to Japan (based on the value of the goods) and 2.6% of the exported volume are made through the intermediary of Shiga-Trading (Information based on the status of 2019). These values show that we look after particularly high-quality product segments. You can find detailed statistics on German wines on the website of the Deutsches Weininstitut (German Wine Institute).

April 2021

Filinchen - Shiga Trading
Filinchen in Japan

An interesting article about Filinchen and the exports to Japan initiated by Shiga-Trading appeared in the "Mitteldeutsche Zeitung" on February 2, 2021. Read the article (German only).

February 2021

Olvi General agent - Shiga Trading
General agent for Olvi

Since December Shiga-Trading has been the general agent for the Olvi Group from Finland (in Nasdaq Nordic as "OLVAS", FI0009900401). Olvi, based in Iisalmi, produces numerous different beers, lemonades, energy drinks and mineral water. Well-known brands include Olvi, Sandels, A. Le Coq, Moomin Water and others.

January 2021

Corona lockdown - Shiga Trading is working
Lockdown in Germany

Due to the nationwide lockdown due to the corona crisis, there are also many restrictions in Saxony, initially limited to January 10, 2021. We at Shiga-Trading are still there for you. As always, you can reach us by email.
We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

December 2020

Drinks - Shiga Trading
Beverage delivery delayed

The global corona pandemic is also having an impact on beer deliveries to Japan. Since many EU countries currently have a lockdown, the ports only work to a limited extent and transports to Japan therefore take longer. Despite timely advance orders there will probably be a delay in delivery. We'll let you know when we have more information.

November 2020

Bio wine for Japan - Shiga Trading
Christmas drinks

One of the best-known organic winemakers in Germany is attracting visitors with a large discount campaign for the Christmas business in Japan - the next container of wine has already been ordered.
Alcohol-free beer will also be available during the Christmas business in Japan - a new large order has been placed and the goods will be delivered by Christmas.

October 2020

Filinchen for Japan - Shiga Trading
Sales successes and new products

After the first container with Filinchen arrived in Japan and the packs have been in Japanese stores since September 7th, customers are delighted. Sales are better than expected.
Further products have been in Shiga-Trading's brokerage portfolio since September: Bulgarian wines and Finnish mineral water. More at this point soon.

September 2020

Trade agent for the Far East - Shiga Trading
News from the Chamber of Industry and Commerce Chemnitz

Shiga-Trading is a special company - this will also be shown in this news report (German only)from the Chemnitz Chamber of Commerce. Find out there more about the background of Shiga trading as a trade intermediary.

August 2020